Engineering Efficiency >> Building Results
Engineering Efficiency >> Building Results

About Us

Who We Are?

Glomae Ltd.


Our vision is to leave an indelible contribution in the oil and gas industry by refining engineering processes and procedures for optimal long-lasting results.

Our mission is to deliver efficiency to the overall core business operations and processes of our clients, by giving them the opportunity to focus all their resources on their core competencies while we take responsibility for the nuts and bolts of their engineering.

Our Values
These are the ideals and beliefs that are interwoven in the very fabric of our company. We are committed at all times to deliver our services based on these values.

We believe in the paradigm of interdependence. We always leverage the power of our relationships with our clients, partners, staff and suppliers to share responsibilities for the achievement of greater, mutually beneficial goals. We believe in the role and importance of every single stakeholder in the success equation.


Responsibility is one of our trademarks. When put on a job, we assume full responsibility for any damages, accidents or failures on our part, as well as the successes and victories we engineer. We also believe responsibility is accountability. Therefore, we are ready at all times to render full account of anything that is committed to our trust.


We build our processes and operations on excellence, ensuring that mediocrity is ever absent from our delivery. “Better” is the key word in our observations and supervisions, meaning that we are always on the lookout for a better way and/or better result on the job. We believe in the highest and best use of our time, human capital and other resources, to deliver the highest and best results possible.